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By test tset | August 8, 2018

There’s not much we do without our hands, but that doesn’t mean the lack of it would leave one completed disabled. Astha, a non-profit organization, has come out to prove just this with ‘More Than Hands’, an exhibition showcasing paintings by artists Manjibhai Ramani and Manoj Bhingare, both of whom lost both their hands in accidents. Both artists, the very determined men that they are, didn’t let this apparent setback stop them from pursuing a career in fine arts.

Manjibhai Ramani

After completing a five-year course in arts, Manjibhai made a name for himself as a talented artist who has been a mouth-painter since 1978. Having studies natural, figurative, abstract and portrait painting, the artist has been contributed and participated in many exhibition and has even gone solo. The artist also teaches fine arts and strongly believes that failure is a stepping stone to success.

Manoj Bhingare

The artist was only 10 years old when he lost his hands in an accident. Although initially distraught, the talent went on to complete his schooling and got his degree in fine arts. Today, Manoj also teaches art and is determined to pass on his skills to his students. Through his life, the artist’s goal was to overcome his handicap, and this dream of his took him to the extent of winning the Rashtriya Balashri Award for Painting presented to him at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The works of these artists is a strong reminder to every one of us that, regardless of what we might think we are capable of, and limiting ourselves, with a little faith, hardwork and passion, even the otherwise seemingly impossible dreams we may have, can come true.

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