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By Sublime Author | May 15, 2018

Aleifyah Raja, believes that, to be an artist is the exquisite ability to use colours to express herself through her art. The colours in her work are a testimony and reflection of every change in mood and emotion. This fluidity that comes from the evolution of her emotions, is what fuels her creations. Each painting is a journey that takes her to a place where she completely feels one with her work, which remains the constant.

Identifying a feeling, which prompts her to contextualise her work to the intuitive emotion within her. This allows her creation to be less of an after taste and more of a reflection of her fantastic journey, thus making it alive!


Full of colour and a wild beauty, this artwork is a unique one in this series by artist Aleifyah Raja. Her artworks are direct testimony to her emotions which play a predominant guiding role in her painting process. Here the artist’s emotion seems to be focused on the beauty that comes with being untamed and free. True freedom of a soul is usually when its one with nature!


This artwork looks like a reflection of the deep blue see that hosts an array of beautiful creatures, big and small. This painting is whimsical. The details seem to be that of land but under water filled with mystery and magic. There wild giant gold reeds growing from the depth below all the way to the sun kissed skies. As the reeds part it reveals the opulent sky!

Engulfed Seas

The beautiful white and frothy waves crashing into one another create the rich blue that reminds one of the mighty oceans. It can be associated with spirituality and purity. Artist seems to be getting in touch with her own spiritual side with this painting.


A galaxy, promising new life forms and experiences, this painting is a celestial beauty. The technique lends itself fabulously to a subject such as this. The painting emotes the artist’s own deep connection to the cosmic energy.


Riot of colours all merging together to form this glorious abstraction. The artist has expertly abstracted using a unique technique of acrylic pouring, the main method used in this series. She has created a balance of colours, hence its aptly named equinox.


As the name suggests the art work seems to be in transition. It’s as though a moment has been frozen perhaps of water receding on a beach with different textures forming and evolving with every wave softly touching the sand.


Fluidity and movement are traits associated with femininity. The painting has layers representing the depth of femininity. Various facets of ever changing emotions have been created by the artist in this painting.


The title of this art is fittingly suggestive of the theme of this artwork. It looks like a topographic view of the seas, forests and vast lands meeting together. The natural blending of the colours is a result of the technique used by the artist to create this piece. The land mass seems to be melting into the seas. The merging of colours makes this artwork a beautiful one to be engaged with as a viewer.


The transition from the nascent stages to fully formed beings outlines this painting. The different layers in the artwork seem to be the metamorphosis of different beings all converging to perhaps form a union.


A view like that of a sky diver’s, the painting seams to capture the bird’s eye view. Like the painting ‘Evolusion’ from the same series it seems like a topographic view of water and land. The technique seems to lend itself with ease to create this painting.

Each art work in this series appears to be an extension of the artist and her emotions. The series is raw and communicative. It keeps the viewer engaged and enthralled!

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